Intermittency for broadband customers (In Progress)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting System - Broadband
  • We were alerted this morning by our monitoring equipment that a network switch on our West Somerset network was failing. Upon remote diagnostics, we found it to be unresponsive so an engineer was dispatched to investigate. We found it was in a reboot loop and that the firmware required reinstalling. This was brought back in to service at 06:05.

    At 06:37 it failed again and the engineer was assigned back to the job, where a replacement was ordered. This will be delivered to site within the next few hours. Until then we are monitoring the network and prioritising voip traffic across remaining links. This means web traffic and email may be unresponsive for moments throughout the day.

    We apologise for this disruption and inconvenience caused.

    Update:  The new switch was put into service at 12:28 and monitoring continued until 13:30.

    Update:  Traffic has now balanced across both switches, we'll continue to monitor this situation carefully.

  • Date - 26/10/2018 04:14 - 26/10/2018 14:00
  • Last Updated - 26/10/2018 20:37